Iris : the kooky grandma everyone wants to have

ast year i got introduced to a wonderful lady called Iris when I watched her documentary on Netflix. She is a teenage girl in the body of a 96 year old lady. At her age she still travels around the world and lives the life of a legendary fashion icon and collector of couture and jewelry.

Iris Apfel lives with her husband Carl in their New York apartment. Together they ran a large decorating business until they retired in 1992. The highlights of her career include trips all over the world to find inspiration and textiles for their business. They even had the honor to restore fabrics in the White House during the time Kennedy and Truman were presidents. Even though Iris has always been successful and known in her field of expertise, it was her fashion collection that got her public attention. In her 80’s she was asked to do a fashion exhibition in the Metropolitan Museum of Art which turned out to be a tremendous success.


Iris Apfel has a personal style and signature look that you can spot from a mile off. It includes her owl shaped black glasses, her colorful coats, big bracelets and red lipstick. When she was teenage girl she was told the following by an owner of a local fashion store: ‘You are not pretty and you will never be pretty. But you got something better, you have style’.

Life is gray and dull. You might as well have some fun dressing up and entertaining people – Iris Apfel

Well, style is not the only thing she has. She is loved for her confidence and humor. And above all that it`s her kindness that makes her absolutely adorable. She is the only fashionista I know that is not a judgmental snob and just completely obnoxious. Iris does not care what people think of her. She is the typical older lady that is both sweet as a cookie and says inappropriate things at the same time.

That`s also the reason you will want to watch Iris in this documentary. This documentary is not just about fashion and art. It’s about an older couple being married for 65+ years. It’s about a woman  who is in her 90’s and living like a rock star. If anything, it’s an homage to being different.

What is your favorite documentary about fashion? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. 

You can watch the documentary ‘Iris’ now on Netflix.

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