The day I got a new job

It’s been almost 3 months and there have been many nerve-wrecking job interviews and an equal amount of disappointments. Every call started to sound the same. A kind voice saying ‘Unfortunately I’ve got some bad news for you’, and ‘You did great, but the other girl has more experience’.

Oh well, It did hurt my feelings but I can’t say it knocked down. As soon as I hung up the phone I knew better then to sit down and cry. I’d rather forget about the whole thing and keeping going, keeping moving on to the next opportunity.

Even when voices around me would whisper ‘You’ve been looking for quite a while, are you sure you will be okay?’ I decided to just shut them out. I simply could not afford to listen to the doubters. I had have an unshakeable belief in my potential, because how else could I expect a potential employer to believe I was worthy of the job?

I finally got good news, I got the opportunity to work as an copywriter/editor at a great communication agency. I will be working there in August and if it goes well I can stay there.

To be honest, I am still shocked at the fact that the hiring process was so easy. I am also really happy because this is literally my dream job – it’s something I always wanted to do. Most of all I am determined to perform well and work hard.





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