Interior inspiration ~ looking for a new place

While we are looking for a new house in the Netherlands, I have been trying to figure out what I want our new place to look like.

The last two years I have been interested in minimalism, a movement that promotes a simple lifestyle and reducing one’s possessions. Minimalism is not just a personal lifestyle but it is also a movement in visual art, music and (interior) design. Minimal art sets out to show the essentials and eliminates the non-essential aspects.

I have been drawn to this lifestyle and form of design because I strive to bring simplicity into my life. Minimalist try to be mindful consumers instead of getting lost in consumerism and buying junk. In 2018 I have started to embrace minimalism by only spending money on the things that are most important to me & things that bring joy to my life and my house.

While researching minimalist interior design I came across some of the elements that have served as an inspiration. Here they are:


I love wooden furniture and I always dreamed of a big wooden kitchen table with wooden chairs. I already bought a vintage wooden coffee table for our new apartment. The wooden kitchen on this picture has a natural and warm feeling to it.


In minimalist interior design you often see white walls without any art or decoration. I do enjoy hanging pictures and painting on my walls. I have collected a lot of great world maps that I would like to hang on the wall. Less is more, but I also think that art can give some personality to a boring room.


Plants seem to be everywhere these days. Everybody seems to decorate their house with cacti and succulent plants. I think this is a great trend because it gives such a luxurious feeling to a simple room. I particulary like the decorations in the bathroom on this picture below.Come-creare-un-oasi-verde-con-piante-a-casa-7-idee-per-decorare-interno-ddarcart-00



People become more aware of their habits as consumers and as a result of that thrift shops are more popular then ever. I love this trend. I have started to buy more stuff at thrift stores. This picture below shows just how great you can make your house look by buying things second hand.


Minimalism is all about creating space. Not only in the rooms of your house, but also in your mind. When you get rid of stuff you don’t need, your house will look so much better. Another great benefit of this is the fact that it will be much easier to clean your house. Who doesn’t want that? 

Do you want to know more about minimalism and simple living? Follow my blog for more upcoming articles about the minimalist lifestyle. 

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